United kingdom

Although you may have heard a lot about the UK, there are many interesting things that make this place unique. The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it is the biggest European island. Located in NorthWestern Europe, The UK occupies an area of 242,900 sq km. The population exceeds 63 million, with London, its capital, counting for over 8 million of them. Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Bristol, etc. are the other big UK cities. English is the official spoken language and their currency is the sterling pound.

The UK has a diverse community, where you can meet exceptional culture. The historical places of the UK attract tourists from all over the world. Many people enjoy going to the UK because of its rich history and because there is so much to do. Apart from travelling and enjoying adventure, if you are into history and culture, this is the place to go.

नमस्कार !
के तपाईंलाई थाहा छ ? बेलायत सरकारले अब देखि PSW Visa दिने भएकाे छ नि ! याे भनेकाे एक तहकाे पढाइ सके पछि २ वर्ष बेलायत मा नै Work Permit मा काम गर्ने अवसर हाे ।
यदि तपाईं पनि याे अवसरकाे फाईदा लिन चाहनु हुन्छ र UK काे डिग्री र कामकाे माैका लाई गुमाउन दिनु हुन्न भने अाजै धेरैअनुभवि,पुरानाे र विस्वासिलाे शैक्षिक परामर्श दिने कन्सलट्यान्सिमा संपर्क गर्नुस र छात्रावृत्ति ,भिसा लगायत सम्पुर्ण जानकारी लिनुहाेस ।
र अरू जस्तै तपाईं पनि अब ढुक्क भएर बेलायत( UK) जान सक्नु हुनेछ ।
धन्यवाद ।
University,Course र अरू जानकारी तल उल्लेख गरे अनुसार छन् ।
1.University of Plymouth
2..University of West London
3.University of West England,Bristol
4.Coventry University
➡ [Foundation,Undergraduate,Pre-Masters,Masters] ♦♦
➡ IELTS 5.0 and above ..6.0 & 6.5
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