Study in abroad Vs Nepal

Why is foreign education important ?

Education is light. We all know It removes the dark part of ignorance of human life.A few decades ago it was regarded a great achievement only to be literate.Time changed.Many schools, college and universities opened domestically to quench the thirst of education of large number of people.Pace of life started to speed up and more necessities appeared to be served. Science, technology and modern civilization have grown up. Because of all modern tools and development, the world community is now turned into a global village.

Nepal has also performed well.Many people are now well educated.They are expert, skilled and efficient in many areas but not in sufficient numbers.Now we are in hot debate of international education vs domestic.

A few people say that domestic education is sufficient for our young generation.They argue that we have now international level of quality education, well infrastructure institutions and offering world class education.Its some how true.But international degree is important if our parents can afford to make their kids global citizen.

Why is foreign education is important ? I have tried to explain five important reasons here in brief.

1.Brain Gain: Going abroad to study is obviously brain gain, however, a few people say that its a brain drain.Large number of Nepali people do not agree the logic of brain drain.We have seen to many examples of foreign degree holders who came back to Nepal and doing far better in their fields.Who not came back after their education in abroad, are still contributing Nepal in many ways through exchange of knowledge, skills and financially in GDP growth. For example NRN are doing their best to contribute the nation. Students who pursued foreign education are still in a reputed status in many ways around the world.It must count as our national dignity which made possible due to foreign education.Nation also must have comprehensive plan to consume our foreign degree holders to stop the brain migration.

2. Exposure : Exposure is very important factor for personal development and national dignity.Students who go for abroad education, there is a high chance of exposure to show their talents globally, to serve global citizens and raise up national dignity.We have example of such successful Nepali who are well established in high level expertise and become the pride of host countries.

3. Independence : We should give high value for students´ independence. They must learn to be independent since the early day of their life.The opportunity of abroad studies gives student a great souvenir of independence. Looking back to our educational history of Gurukul Shikshya ( residential education at teacher´s home) shows the value that a student must leave home if s/he wants a real education.In developed and western countries, after age of 18 child must leave the home.If not it can be social insult or legal issues which make the student learn the independence. Independent person can set up his/ her life´s goal well.Therefore, obviously abroad studies help our young generation to know the importance of independence.

4. Experience : Education is the another name of practical knowledge but most of countries lack to offer such opportunity to their students.If you want quality education, it must deserve practical knowledge which is possible through hands on experiences.Students who are in abroad education gain experience in two ways.One is through practical oriented education system and second by mixing up themselves with the diversified students community.The second is more important for our Nepali students.Because they can learn the civilization , skill of integration and the value of team work from the student collegues worldwide.

Steve Jobs´popular saying in regards of experience is `connect the dots´.Abroad study is one of the most important dot to connect your experience in your life.You may not know how precious it will be to engrave your life meaningful.

5. Quality life: To build up quality life, you need quality education, quality experience, qualitative degrees and quality mind set up.No doubt, one of the important sources of quality life is education which can be foreign education.
Luxury car, branded suit and lunch in five stars are not symbol of quality life.In stead, if you have something to give out to your society and contribute to your nation means you are living quality life.

Thank you.