Online learning Vs on campus

Nowadays,we can hear the gossip everywhere regarding on campus or online learning. People are on debate which is better and more effective.They have opinions for and against or very positive for both.Its important to understand several reasons to go with and benefit themselves.
We should analyse the advantages of online learning,its challenge and interest of students to pursue online degrees.
The current situation of COVID-19 pandemic,online courses are being popular and useful for the majority of students worldwide.Almost all institutions from Nursery education to the higher education providers are now coming up with online courses for their students.
Here,I am going to describe a few important points of advantage and disadvantages of taking online courses Vs on campus studies.
Online learning:
1.Less expensive: Almost all online courses are less expensive.These courses are offered in a half price or less than an on campus.Students can easily afford online courses from anywhere in the world and have more opportunities to pursue the degrees of their choice in low price.Students can save the large amount of money of their transportation,accommodation,library, labs and other day to pocket expenses.
2.More flexibility in time schedule:Online courses are accessible almost anywhere in the world.They are not bound with time schedules and limitations.Since these course are offered through internet,students have more choices to find their suitable time to attend the classes.Time freedom is very important.
3.Develop Self discipline and motivational skills: Students have good opportunity to develop their habits because online classes are based on students’ self motivation,discipline and guidance.They must be obedient with themselves.Therefore,it helps them to create a life long learning attitude.
4.Chance to build up global classmates: Staying at home, students can build up global networks of the classmates and colleagues.Through the online students forum and chat groups,they will have chance to establish strong friends’ network.
1. No access of physical resources and infrastructure:
Students who are enrolled for online courses have no opportunity to access campus facilities.Modern universities and campuses are hugely infrastructure with modern teaching materials,science labs,computers and the world class libraries.IT parks,Robotics,sports equipment and huge museum are beyond reach of their real life dreams.
2.Essential knowledge of Technology: Students must have technical knowledge to pursue the online degree well.Lack of computer skills and IT knowledge its hard to achieve their goals through online studies.
3. Must be more disciplined : Students must be more disciplined to follow the rules,program schedules and keep more attention towards their online classes since nobody will be there to guide them for their regularity to the end.
Your choice On campus or Online:
It totally depends on you which method of learning is more suitable for you.On campus learning gives you a life long experiences of students community,campus infrastructure,diversity of landscapes,one to one meeting opportunities of campus faculties,part time job and work experiences,curriculum based CPT and to build of student mates worldwide and to be a member of alumni associations.
Thank you.