Know Key Formula before to Apply Abroad

Planning for the higher education is indeed a tactful job.Students who passed out school level education mostly prepare them for abroad studies.Most of cases we can observe that students only dream for going abroad but many of them lack of well preparation and knowledge about preparing all of that.
Here I am going to suggest important five key formulas which can immensely help them to achieve their dream of abroad studies.
1. Academics: Its one of the major key factors which helps students to determine of their real status of qualifications to decide the course, level and institutions of the destination country.Because each college and university have their own set up slandered admission requirements.To get enrolled to the particular course, students have to meet the admission requirements like GPA, credits, and language or test requirements for example IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT and etc.There are different admission requirements for different courses and level.After self assessment of academics, students can be assured for choosing courses and level.
2. Financial Status: Its obviously important factor to evaluate the financial status before planning to apply for abroad studies.Usually going abroad for studies require sound financial status of students´ parents or sponsor.We can not expect foreign education unless we have strong financial capabilities.Very few students can be successful to get full scholarship otherwise its quite essential to be financially sound to afford foreign education.
Besides that students must know the rate of tuition fees, accommodation cost and stationery expenses.They vary country to country, courses and levels that they want to join.Part time job can be expected but should not rely on fully.Therefore, students should be aware of financial requirements to show bank balance, income sources and availability of education loan.
3.Country to apply: Most of students seemed unknown about which country to apply.Its very important to choose the country first where to go for studies.There can be two routes to choose the country.They can give first preference of their own that which country´s degree can be more important to add value in their career life, interest and the popularity of degrees.Second, they can compromise of destination country according to their academic and financial status.But students should be very clear about destination country before to apply.
4. Visa chances: Usually almost all are the visa required countries where our Nepalese students go for studies.Before applying for admission its very important to know the visa policy of the destination countries.Visa requirements and policy are different from country to country.Its very important to be eligible to get student visa.Unless you get success to obtain visa, your dream to going abroad never fulfill.Therefore, you should be very aware of regarding visa policy and your personal status to make your visa chances high.For the highest visa chance, your academic and financial status play the vital role.
5. Career Potentiality: Going abroad is for the betterment of life.The destination country should be potential to reward you valuable degrees and career opportunities.By the way if you want to settle professionally in the country where you studied, you should consider the chances if they offer permanent residency, green card or any other type of career securities to foreign scholars.As a student, you already invested lots of money and time which must be fruitful for your life onward.


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