The Dream Destinations of Nepali students !!

Abroad study is being the trend of young students worldwide. The most non-immigrant travelers are students after holiday makers in the world. The reality may come as a surprise to us that the huge number of students from all the countries whether developed, semi-developed or undeveloped make their study destination to other countries every year.

We Nepali people basically think that students from developed countries do not go other countries for studies because they have well infrastructure education opportunities in their own countries. But the reality is not like that. Students from developed countries eagerly go other countries for the higher education. They know well that higher education is the integration of experiences of various qualities like diversity, culture, tradition, education system and student peer. So to learn better, students have to make border less education. The ill concept of brain drain must be avoided and take it as a brain gain.

Here, I am going to brief the reality of Nepali students’ choice of ‘Dream Destination’ countries and the reasons why they prefer these countries most for their higher studies. We can see mostly Nepalese students choose developed countries for their further studies like USA, Australia, UK, NZ, Canada and Europe. We have also other many students who go to India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines and etc.

To show you the data of 2018/19 (2075/76), I have stated the numbers of students who applied for the NOC to study abroad. But we must not forget the reality that the choices of destination countries are affected mostly by visa opportunities. Therefore, applicant’s number frequently changes each country every year. The number of students to  Australia ( 36,324), Japan(8,523), Cyprus(2,302), India(2059), China(1881),Canada( 1671),USA(1491),New Zealand(1385),South Korea( 1198) and UAE(841).The source is according to the ECAN.

We can classify the students in three categories. First category students represent as the students who go to abroad for only study purpose. Second category of students is for study and part time work. And the third category of students is mostly known as financial opportunity immigrants.

Finally, let’s make Nepali students’ movement to abroad more fruitful and rewarding to the home country-Nepal.

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